Call center QA is one of the primary pillars to enhance the performance of your call center. A call centre flourishes with the business when the customers and the clients are both satisfied with the working, and this can only be possible if the agents who are interacting with the customers work perfectly. They should be highly professional in handling the customer calls answering to any queries judiciously with a positive vibe and showing due courtesy.

However, all these are not possible without call quality assurance analysis and honing up the skills of the agents regularly. Often the in-house quality assurance team fails to identify the root problems as they become the part of the internal system and the environment. The success of the call centre depends on customer and client satisfaction and in these types of situations third party QA experts are needed to address the problems and give the solutions.

The Process

The third party analyzers take note of every aspect of the working of the call centre after studying every small detail and put forward a solution to enhance the performance of the agents. They also look into the aspects of average handling time, call volume, call hold time and the way the calls are answered and guide the agents who are directly interacting with the customers and bring out the required change in the working style.

The Need

The working patterns of the agents in the call centers are monotonous and often tiring, and that affects the quality of the service provided by the call centers. The quality assurance team brings in the changes identifying the problems and training the agents and boosts up their spirits to generate positive leads with the call attendance. Call monitoring and QA should be done at regular intervals to get the best results.